The Last Unicorn
Linnankatu, Turku 2017

The Place and time​​
Tuesday the 7th of November
Assisted departure from the Lion-fountain (next to the old library building) at 10 am. The artwork is possible to see also other days.

AKU -visual acupuncture group hides traces of the Last Unicorn all over the street Linnankatu. The signs are invisible for the eye, but possible to see through a cell phone or tablet.
The traces of the unicorn are telling a story of a creature, that is still existing, but not for long. We are living the era of extinction of large size animals. Free space is getting smaller, forests are turned into farmland. Virtual space in Linnankatu is still empty, but how long time will it take before it is filled with advertisements? Is there going to be a day, when instead of gazing the clouds, one will see the sky filled with the newest sneakers?
Go out to Linnankatu and find the Last Unicorn, a magical creature that is still existing!

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