"City as a living organism"
28.05.2014 Ekenäs, Finland

How do we create a holistic urban environment?

Ten experts of different areas of Science and Art come together to discuss and work concretely on site. The Experts start already on 27th of May by building a house together. This sketch of a house or ruins will be the base for the next day seminar during which the audience can walk around and listen to lectures.   
In spring 2014, AKU will organize an international transdisciplinary seminar together with the Pro Artibus Foundation and the research- and development institute Aronia at Novia University of Applied Sciences in the town of Ekenäs on the southern coast of Finland.

“City as a living organism”
The topic of the seminar is “City as a living organism”. The idea is to draw a parallel between the human body and a city, and between a city and the idea of a house. Can a town be perceived as a living organism, with its constituent parts corresponding to the functions and organs of the body? Can a city be transformed into a house? If it can, where in that case would certain rooms be?  Where should one be able to see outside? How can the urban environment be made more natural?

Structure of the seminar
The seminar is divided into two parts, each lasting one day. The second will be open to the public.
On the first day, we invite the experts to participate in the creation of a work of art, a three-dimensional installation, a house. The second day will begin with presentations of the results of the first day and of the invited experts, followed by a panel discussion. The house built on the first day will be used as a set for the seminar. Speakers are encouraged to walk inside the house, to refer to its structures or process in their talk.
All experts will participate in the construction of the house based on their own approach and interests.

The events of the first day will be filmed, and a short video of the construction will be edited for the next day. The audience will be able to view the edited video in the seminar hall.

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