​AKU -visual acupuncture group hides traces of the Last Unicorn all over the street Linnankatu. The signs are invisible for the eye, but possible to see through a cell phone or tablet.  
The traces of the unicorn are telling a story of a creature, that is still existing, but not for long. We are living the era of extinctionof large size animals. Free space is getting smaller, forests are turned into farmland. Virtual space in Linnankatu is still empty, but how long time will it take before it is filled with advertisements? Is there going to be a day, when instead of gazing the clouds, one will see the sky filled with the newest sneakers? 
Go out to Linnankatu and find the Last Unicorn, a magical creature, that is still existing!

How many Feet fits the Boat

Feet is a well known measure. The measure Feet comes from the size of the grown up male feet. AKU visual-acupuncture starts surveying and measuring the Donna boat, that locates by the river Aura, with different shoe sizes. Different measures will be made visible, the deck gets repeating ornaments and lines getting formed from the official information.

AKU uses often different kind of maps and measures while working in the city surroundings. Shoe is used to symbolize the walking,moving around. Boat is made to travel on the sea. The result will tell how many feet fits the boat, and particular, who`s feet will fit the boat.

The Chapter 3 "Cinderella Research" is out! 

The multi-disciplinary artistic research lab employed performance to ask questions about wardrobes and garment use. The Chapter is visited by Performance Artist Leena Kela, Designer Timo Rissanen and Design Activist Kate Fletcher.

Locus out of Focus is a work to be published chapter by chapter. Each chapter is a new attempt to focus on the object under observation as a scientific problem, artistic idea and political opinion or as a fictional conception of the world. 
Locus out of Focus is created by AKU/ Heini Aho and Sebastian Ziegler and Mari Krappala.



Aku performs Visual acupuncture by way of interventions in urban surroundings. Acupuncture functions as a metaphor, and a frame for different actions. An action in one place might have an effect on another place in the city.
Visual acupuncture is a creative tool that AKU uses when approaching the city. The aim is to energise the surroundings and to enhance the place-related consciousness. Interventions involve activities such as: performances, visual alternations, arranging seminars, or social engagements. Aku uses the idea of the Chinese acupuncture and the idea of mapping energy points. The City is onceptualized as a living organism.